Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What kind of paper do you use for albums, cards, posters, calendars?
100% eco FSC® certified semi-matte paper. Album pages: 160g/m2; cards: 350g/m2; posters: 230g/m2; calendars: 300g/m2.
What textile print method do you use?
Direct to garment printing (DTG). Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment using inject technology. The inks then soak into the fibers of the garment. It’s sort of like printing on paper, except on clothing.
What is the printing area for textile products?
Tote bags: 250x300 mm; T-shirts and sweatshirts: 320x320 mm; children (under 4) T-shirts and sweatshirts: 100x100 mm.
What kind of ink do you use for textile printing?
We use Epson's UltraChrome DG ink. It has been awarded ECO PASSPORT certification1 by OEKO-TEX®. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is a system by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their product can be used in a sustainable textile production. Epson UltraChrome DG ink and pre-treatment are certified by the Eco Passport. This is an international safety standard in the textile industry. It is certified to be safe for adults and children, including babies.
What kind of material are T-shirts and sweatshirts made of?
T-shirts: 100% cotton 155 g/m2 ; sweatshirts: 50% cotton, 50% polyester 280 g/m2.
What kind of material are tote bags made of?
100% organic cotton.
How are canvas prints manufactured?
They are printed on a 340 g/m2 polycotton canvas and hand stretched on wooden lath strips..
What kind of ink do you use for poster and canvas print?
We use water based Epson UltraChrome HDR ink-jet technology.
What material is used for poster frames?
We use white or black wooden lath strips. The cover is made of high quality organic glass that protects your picture from UV rays and fading.
What format do you recommend for print files - RGB or CMYK?
CMYK. Our printer transforms RGB files into CMYK format and this can alter color shades.
What size do you recommend for picture files?
The maximum size for picture files is 20 MB or 50 Mpix; the maximum length of the longest side is 10000 px. Smartphone and camera photos are good enough to look nice on our products. If the picture quality does not reach 72 ppi (pixels per inch), you will receive a warning about improper quality. Bear in mind that picture resolution is very important for products with area wider that A3 page size. The better the resolution the higher the quality. Pictures taken by modern smartphones can be printed on cards, mugs, bottles, tote bags, calendars and other small products. Larger posters and canvas prints ask for pictures taken by cameras with higher resolution.
What if several pages in my album are left blank?
If you don't need the blank pages, leave them at the end of the album and write a comment. We won't print them.
Can I change the type of the album after creating the layout?
No, you can not change it. If you need different type of album, start the project afresh.
How do I order a poster, canvas or card in size that's not specified in the homepage?
Send us the picture, text, preferable layout and size:
Is it possible to add text on the other side of the card?
Yes, it's possible. Send us the text and layout description:
Do you check and edit the layouts and enhance the photos?
No, nothing gets altered without client's consent. If you need to make changes in an ordered product, contact us via e-mail or call: +371 26 300 432.
How will I know that the order is ready?
You'll receive an info e-mail.
For how long are the finished articles stored?
Finished articles are stored for 3 months.
How are the products wrapped?
Each item is wrapped in tracing paper, put in a craft cardboard box and tied up with a ribbon. That's the packaging you receive at the shop. If you choose different type of delivery, we'll wrap the box in a plastic to protect it from humidity.
Can I repeatedly order my project wihout creating a new one?
Yes, you can. Visit My Orders, chose the previous order and order it once again.
What is the time of production?

Cards, wedding series, posters and calendars are made within 2-4 working days. Albums, canvas prints and textile products are made within 3-5 working days. Throughout December the production time is two working days longer.

What are the delivery options?
You can receive your purchase at the store, via Omniva parcel service or by courier. For abroad delivery we use FedEx services.
How much does the delivery cost?
At the store: free of charge; Omniva parcel service: 4 EUR; courier: 6 EUR; FedEx: starting from 18 EUR.
Why don't I get Omniva parcel service option for my order?
Probably, beacuse your order dimensions exceed Omniva parcel machine capacity (max 39x39x64 cm).
How do I get an invoice with my company details?
Enter your details in the Address or My Addresses section. After the payment an invoice will be automatically generated. You will find it at the section My Oders.
Do you offer discounts if I buy items in bulk?
When purchasing several identical items, MYPRINT offers a special discount policy: 5% discount per product for 3 identical items; 10% discount per product for 5 identical items; 15% discount per product for 15 identical items; 20% discount per product for 30 identical items; 30% discount per product for 50 identical items; 35% discount per product for 75 identical items; 40% discount per product for 100 identical items. To get a discount or to order more that 100 identical products contact us via email